Since 2009 our family are proud owners of a plot of 3 acres of land. We first built our house and in 2017 added our barn. The horses have 3.5m X 3.5m boxstalls that open to two sides for the horses’ comfort. Only two sides are high walls, making it very spacious and allowing the horses contact with each other. The two outer boxes also have windows with bars, letting in a lot of light. The ceilings are high with a suction system that ensures the temperature and humidity in the stable are always well controlled.

Outside, we have an all weather paddock of 16 m x 17 m. If the weather and the fields allow it, the horses can be out on grass. Behind the paddock we are developing a 40m x 60m outdoor riding ring. A size I think, that is necessary to practice the combination of jumps you see at the outdoor competitions these days. Mid 2018 we will place suitable footing there, consisting of a solid base with a shock absorbing top layer. For lunging, a training circle with the same correct footing is under construction.