As a hobby, I breed one foal every year. Out of the performance star preference mare Naomi v. Ahorn Merrielijn 32, fox family 1665, I still have a Corland daughter we are currently keeping and maybe want to breed in the future. Out of a daughter of Naomi, the sport IBOP Elite mare Aisha v. Silverstone, I have a number of offspring. The mare itself was sold to Estonia in 2017.

In 2017 I bred a filly out of Dominator Z from the star PROK mare Aleika, a daughter of my old top STER mare Uleika, who jumped the 1.60m division. This filly is from the Barona tribe, Merrielijn 13, breeding family 64. I am very glad that this foal is a mare and want to keep her for the time being.